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We know that having things available at the touch of a button, at a time that suits you is invaluable, so we have developed an online tenant account to make as much easily available to you as possible.

Accessible on any device, 24/7, it allows you to be in control of your journey with Hose Rhodes Dickson at a time and location that suits you.

Here at Hose Rhodes Dickson, we can offer you two access points to this online world! First access is when you are reserving a property so you can complete and monitor your application process. The second is when you have moved in. Below lists just some of the amazing features that each access point will offer.

We are constantly developing our digital presence, adding new features and making improvements, so keep an eye out for future developments!

Fear not, if you prefer to interact with a person though – this hasn’t replaced our staff! They are all in the office should you have a query and you are welcome to call or pop in at any time.

During your application

As soon as you reserve a property with Hose Rhodes Dickson, we will start your online account journey via our Tenant On-Boarding function. We complete most of the tenancy process online, including referencing, Right to Rent, signing of key documentation, and much more. All you have to do is keep an eye on your emails for notifications of each step of the process as and when we move your application along! Remember, the quicker you can update information, the quicker we can process your application!

Tenant Onboarding

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Once you have moved into your property

We know that being able to make payments, raise maintenance requests or view key documents at a time that suits you is invaluable. This is why we developed your online tenant account to make everything available to you at the press of a button. Accessible to all named tenants, you can view details of your tenancy at any time! You will also have access to some of our key guides that explain key processes that may happen during the term of your tenancy – why not visit the Document Library on your online account and see what is available!

What can your online account offer?

To login or register, click the button below. For further information about your online account, contact your local branch or property manager.

We have thousands of tenants signed up to their online tenant account

Here at Hose Rhodes Dickson, it’s all about you! We know that life is not always 9 to 5, so we want to make things easily accessible and provide access to key information that you can check at a time that suits you. We also know that technology is moving fast and we intend to move with it – so keep an eye out for future developments and new features!