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Land Owner

If you are a landowner and feel that your land may be suitable for development, we could be able to help you. We can give you an initial overview from our experienced professional team. We also work with a majority of the planning consultants based on the Island and could make the initial introduction to them. We can stay involved in order to assist in deciding on the best scheme for your land and what type of planning permission to apply for. We do this by looking at the area and what the demand for properties in that area is likely to be. This helps in gaining the planning consent as well as ensuring the best value can be realised on the land. This also applies to land where a building exists which may be suitable for conversion or demolition if that may be more appropriate. We will do our best to maximise the value of your assets. If you do not wish to embark on this process yourself, alternatively we could introduce you to developers who would enter into a promotional agreement where they fund the planning applications in return for the option to purchase the land at an agreed price.

Once you have achieved a planning consent we are here to support your options. Whether that be to simply sell the site at the best possible price in the market at the time, or develop the site yourself and help you with guidance on the best strategy. We could also introduce you to a developer who may consider working with you on a joint venture basis, there are various ways in which this can be achieved.

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