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As conscientious letting agents we want to ensure that you receive a rental payment each month, even if your tenant defaults.

We have partnered with a specialist tenant referencing agency, Vouch, to ensure that all tenants are comprehensively screened and as a result of this we are confident that you will have a great tenant from the outset. This isn’t to say that people’s circumstances may change through no fault of their own, i.e. redundancy or poor health and these situations can sometimes leave tenants unable to keep up with rental payments.

Our all-inclusive rent guarantee and legal expense protection will not only ensure that you receive all of your rent, but will also cover the cost of any eviction. Further, the protection is not subject to any excess or Covid-19 restrictions. 

All guarantees are 12 month terms and cover the property not the tenant, so if the tenant vacates after 6 months and a new tenant moves in, you will not need to purchase a new guarantee for the remaining 6 months. 

To download the full policy wording please click here