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With full accreditation from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our Chartered Surveyors have a vast array of skills and experience in the local property market.

Professional Services
  • RICS HomeBuyer Reports
  • Land Registry Advice
  • Photographic Condition Schedules
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Valuation Reports
  • Scaled Plans
  • Energy Performance Reports
  • Over 40 years local experience

RICS HomeBuyer Reports

The RICS HomeBuyer Report, replaced the old, long running HomeBuyer Survey and Valuation, on 1st April 2010. The report is more user friendly and provides much more detail than the previous service. It identifies what the surveyor considers as the most important issues. By applying condition ratings of red, amber and green to the elements of the building, services, garages and outbuildings, etc, the surveyor will tell you whether the defects are serious or urgent. It also includes the surveyor's opinion of market value and reinstatement cost (for insurance purposes).

Valuation reports

Some purchasers are happy with the condition of the property but require an independent assessment of the property's value. This report includes a limited inspection, similar to a mortgage valuation. We also carry out valuation surveys for a variety of other purposes.

Our Team

With many years of market led experience, our chartered surveyors offer an unrivalled level of service, and are amongst the best in the profession. We offer a tailored, highly professional service, with competitive fees and efficient timescales.

Our surveyors:

Mark Rhodes FRICS
Edwina Grist Administrator

Mark Rhodes


Edwina Grist


Jonathon Wedge

RICS Surveyor

Rhys King

RICS Surveyor

Q & As

Q. What is wrong with this brick wall?

Brick Effect Tiling

A. It is not a brick wall but an older timber frame with brick effect tiles hung externally (also known as mathematical tiling). Many financial institutions will not provide a mortgage where such is present due to structural inferiority.

Q. Why has this party wall between the subject and adjoining semi-detached house cracked?

Significant crack to internal wall

A. The drainage installations had failed underneath the building, causing the party wall to drop and split. The damage was historic (non progressive) and once the drainage pipes were renewed the wall could be repaired

Q. Why has this portion of the kitchen ceiling failed?

Failure to flat roof

A. This portion of the kitchen is an extension with a flat roof which had perished and split. This led to much water ingress and eventual failure. Many older flat roofs were known to have a useful lifespan of approximately 15 years.

Q. Why is this section of cliff face important to the subject property?

Potential Cliff Instability

A. Portions of rock were breaking away and landing in the garden. Eventually somebody will have a lucky (or not so lucky) escape. A significant programme of repairs and geological reinforced netting was recommended.

Q. What is noticeable about this 'healthy' plant?

Japanese Knotweed

A. It is Japanese Knotweed which has been known to cause structural issues with buildings. Again, several financial institution will not provide a mortgage where this is present. A detailed treatment and lengthy monitoring process is necessary.

Q. What happened to the lath and plaster ceiling above the living room bay window?

Failure to Lath and plaster ceiling

A. It collapsed, as over time the plaster lost adhesion from the laths. The occupant had a very lucky escape. It is important to regularly monitor lath and plaster ceilings in older buildings.

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